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: Exporters want even more slack standards than ESCAS
: Export News Tasmania January 12, 2013, 03:33:21 PM
WA livestock exporters want ESCAS to be more flexible in 2013

The WA Livestock Exporters Association says it's hoping to introduce more flexibility into the ESCAS animal welfare system to grow markets and develop further trade opportunities for exporters and producers in 2013.

 John Edwards is the Chairman of the WA Livestock Exporters Association.

 He says most of the export markets Australia supplies are now ESCAS approved, however some such as Saudi Arabia are yet to complete the ESCAS paperwork.

 "All of our markets and there's not a lot of them left that are not ESCAS compliant they're obviously weighing up their options in light of currently where they're bringing livestock from, a market like Saudi Arabia has a large relationship with a number of North African countries that supply the bulk of both their sheep and goat and cattle requirements currently. "

 "I'm sure all of the importers there will be considering ESCAS this year in light of wanting to expand their sales options and obviously provide them with some secure food lines in respect of potential disease outbreaks that may close some of these alternate markets that they have now and afford them some opportunities to bring sheep and cattle from Australia."

 "I would hope that we can get some fair treatment from the government going forward because currently the pretty heavy handed approach they have to the control of the trade is largely costing the trade now and it's a cost that runs into the many millions of dollars of lost business opportunities."

 "While I said I would like to see increasing volumes going into markets currently working with ESCAS the current format of ESCAS really doesn't allow us to grow markets currently and we would strive to get some flexibility in the current arrangements with government on this so we can develop further trade opportunities for exporters and producers."

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