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: Abbott says no to live export ban
: Export News Tasmania March 10, 2013, 05:53:05 PM
Protesters calling for a ban on live animal exports have shouted during an Adelaide forum held by federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. 
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As Mr Abbott spent an hour on Wednesday answering questions, placard-carrying protesters outside kept chanting their demands - just as they did at Prime Minister Julia Gillard's community cabinet meeting in Adelaide in February.

The coalition leader told the locals inside he wouldn't ban live animal exports if he was elected, but he said the group was entitled to protest.
He answered more than 20 questions from the mostly senior audience at the Clovelly Park Memorial Community Centre in the marginal federal seat of Boothby, held by Liberal Andrew Southcott since 1996.

A young student asked Mr Abbott what his tactics were to beat Ms Gillard, but the leader revealed only that he hoped they would be successful.

Other topics ranged from gay marriage, boat people and climate change to euthanasia, local freight trains, benefits for carers and mining in the Tarkine forest in Tasmania.

In response to an older man's query about perceived left-wing bias in the ABC, Mr Abbott said he had no plans to turn the broadcaster "upside down".

"If I do badly in an interview, that is my fault, not the interviewer's," he said.

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