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: Slaughter of sacrificial animals only at 3 abattoirs.
: WA Export News October 13, 2013, 03:29:28 PM

DUBAI: The Dubai Municipality (DM) has reiterated its statement to the public urging them not to perform the Eid al Adha related sacrificial slaughter outside the official 3 slaughterhouses located in Al Qusais, Lisiely and Hatta as the celebrations approach.
 DM officials said that slaughtering outside the abattoirs will pose a big threat to public health and safety.
 Ahmed Hasan Al Shammari, head of the abattoirs section also urged the public not to depend on people who are wandering through streets offering slaughter services.
 “We have noticed that during Eid days some people contact households claiming that they are skilled in slaughtering activities; we strictly warn all citizens and residents not to put your food at risk,” he said.
 He said that contacting “these people” is an activity that leads to health risks and can’t be “a characteristic of a city like Dubai.”
 He said that the DM has 3 abattoirs where slaughtering services are performed according to globally approved health and safety standards and with nominal charges.
 All the Dubai abattoirs located in Al Qusais, Lisiely and Hatta are following strict scientific and technical procedures to ensure that safe food is prepared and distributed on the days of celebration.
 According to Al Shammari, and contrary to a previous report, the abattoir which was functioning in Bur Dubai is now closed and the public in the area will have to depend on the remaining three.
 He also stated that, considering the possible traffic congestion on the Eid days, the abattoir section has made some arrangements collaborating with other government departments to ease the movement of vehicles.
 The entrance and exit from the cattle market will be from Oman street through gate No.1 and entry to the abattoir is through gate No.3 from Halab street,” he said.

October 12, 2013
By Rayan Sheety