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: No evironmental benefits; mass aerial slaughter just to allow more cattle
: WA Export News October 21, 2013, 05:16:40 PM
 Territory top guns lighten the feral load.

  A major feral animal control program has been completed in the Northern Territory's Victoria River District. More than 4,500 feral animals were destroyed during the week-long shoot, including donkeys, horses and a small number of camels.
  ( ( Photo: An aerial shooter takes aim at feral donkeys in the Victoria River District (Rhys Arnott) 

Rhys Arnott, from the Victoria River District Conservation Association, says he is pleased with the results."It certainly gives us a better idea of what we are dealing with down there," he said.

"We had rough estimates from the Central Land Council and landholders, but getting in the air gives us a much better idea.

"Overall it was fairly successful."

The shoot centred on the Hooker Creek Aboriginal Land Trust, and included sections of Wave Hill and Riveren stations, as well as the MacDonnell Yards.

Mr Arnott says with fewer feral animals in the area, pastoralists may be able to run more cattle on their land.

"By removing around 4,500 feral animals, the carrying capacity for that land could be increased by about 3,500 head of stock," he said.

"Having said that, Hooker Creek itself won't be stocked.

"But the surrounding stations that we did control work on are, so if they desire, they can potentially increase some of their stocking capabilities."

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