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: Unimaginable cruelty at the Beirut Public Slaughterhouse, Karantina Lebanon
: WA Export News December 08, 2013, 01:51:26 AM
We must shut this slaughterhouse down   

Animals from all over the world end up in Beirut Public Slaughterhouse, Karantina.
Sheep and cattle are exported live from countries in the European Union such as France, the Czech Republic and Spain (where they have legal protection), and  end up here. Our Investigations Unit visited Beirut Public Slaughterhouse, and what they found was unimaginable.

Please email the Lebanese Agriculture Minister. Help get this hellish place shut down.

Our investigators are still trying to come to terms with what they’ve seen.
Below is an investigator’s account of their visit. Please be warned; what you are about to read is distressing. (

The slaughterhouse is chaos. Everything is coated in a layer of blood, faeces and body parts. The slaughter area is heaving with people, live animals and slaughtered bodies. The sounds and smells are overwhelming.

Men grab defenceless sheep by the fleece or back leg. They fall to their knees and are forcefully dragged, one by one, to the slaughter line. Cattle are dragged by ropes around their necks. When they try to resist restraint they are yelled at and beaten viciously with metal rods. The animals are visibly terrified and in their frantic attempts to escape they slip, trip and fall, slamming their heads into the concrete floor.

Groups of sheep are forced to jump over dead bodies and wide gutters full of blood. They desperately try to force their way away from the bodies of other sheep they have just watched being slaughtered. Cows are left suspended fully-conscious by one leg for long periods of time, their faces resting in pools of other animals’ blood. They watch animals being slaughtered all around them. I wonder if they realize it will soon be their turn?

  Warning: The contents of this video are graphic and will be distressing. You will be required to confirm that you are over 18 before watching.
Compassion in World Farming have lodged formal complaints and made demands to see Beirut Public Slaughterhouse in Karantina shut down until it can be totally refurbished and staff can be properly trained in compliance with OIE slaughter recommendations.

Now we need you to help us fight this battle for the animals.
Take action Every day Beirut Public Slaughterhouse is open and operating animals are suffering unimaginably. This place should not be allowed to operate while it flouts international recommendations on slaughter. We believe thousands of EU animals pass through Beirut Public Slaughterhouse every year. Please send an email today to the Lebanese Agriculture Minister and call for an immediate shut-down.

Please follow the links to the CIWF page and send the email away... (