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Lyn White on Australian story - 8.00pm 23.04.2012
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THE ABC's Australian Story tonight is poised to give a 360 degree perspective of Animals Australia investigator Lyn White.

The popular program will follow Lyn White's rise as Australia's most high profile animal rights campaigner and the fallout after footage she filmed in Indonesia lead to the four-week shutdown of the Australian live exports industry to the country.
Supporters describe the former South Australian policewoman as "brave" and a shy woman who has become the most effective animal rights campaigner in Australia.

Animals Australia chief Glenys Oogjes said the group knew after the airing of the ABC's Bloody Business on Four Corners there would be a lot of reaction to Ms White's footage.

"We knew it would be big but the reaction after was seismic. Never before had we had that response. Our website on that night collapsed. It couldn't cope," Ms Oogjes said.

But the story isn't all from Ms White's or her supporters' perspective.
Cattle Council of Australia executive director David Inall shares the impact of the export ban on cattle producers.

"When Lyn White's name is mentioned among our membership you get a wide range of views. There are certainly some who are very, very upset and would like to burn Lyn White at the stake," Mr Inall said.

Senator Barnaby Joyce said Ms White's approach was explosive.

"I think that Lyn White will have a role to play whether we want her to play it or not," Senator Joyce said.

"Ours is the quiet consultation option. Lyn White's view to be honest is the nuclear bomb option where we just blow the whole show up."

An Australian Story spokeswoman said the program featured Ms White ten years ago when she was making the career change from police officer to full-time animal advocate and the program was revisiting her story to update viewers.

"There is of course a range of opinions about her modus operandi and the issues she is involved in. It is not however disputed that she is an individual who has been able to galvanise public opinion and exert considerable influence in national affairs, particularly over the last few months," she said.

"Our program focuses on her personal journey and sets out, among other things, to establish who she is, where she's come from, what's motivating her, how she operates, and how she manages the emotional toll of the role she has chosen. As such it adds to the sum of public knowledge about Lyn White."

    Australian Story's The Razor's Edge airs tonight at 8pm on ABC1.